Greetings from Peter Warne. Yesterday I drove between the two lakes in Dersley. They are connected by a tunnel. One is full of invasive plants. The other clear. I felt the Lord say the one is healthy because it keeps flowing the bad stuff out the tunnel. The other doesn’t. It is downstream, and dying.

How are you doing? Many will remember this a time of great breakthrough in the Lord. Others are maybe flowing away from the Lord.

In ps 27 David is declaring the Lord to be his Light and Salvation. He determines, in v8, to seek the Face (relationship) of the Lord, not just His Hand (action). In v 13 he declares he would have fallen away had he not believed that he will still see the Goodness of God in his lifetime! May this verse feed us during this lockdown! In v13 he tells us to wait for the Lord, to be strong (because we are being tested, and to take courage (because our testing is not yet over).

Take courage people of God, be strong in the Lord, and watch for His perfect timing! It will surely come! Hallelujah!