This is what God gave me early in the morning. I was asleep and God put Ezekiel 37 in my spirit, the valley of the dry bones. We all knows it so well. In verses 1-2 God put His spirit on Ezekiel and he saw a lot of dry bones and I think at that moment it went through his mind, it is just dry bones you can do nothing with them. In verse 3 God ask him, ‘son of man can these bones live’, and he answered the Sovereign Lord saying that You alone know. Today we are in the middle of the valley of the corona virus. We are locked up with ‘lockdown’ in our places. We are in an impossible situation and it’s only God that can get us out of it. God could do it Himself, He is God almighty but He was using Ezekiel to prophesy. What I love about Ezekiel is that he was obedient. He just says and does what God tells him to do. In verse 7 he said I prophesied as I was commanded. In our situation today God is also looking for a man and woman that will just tell His truth, follow His instructions and just do what God commanded us to do. Hallelujah and with the obedience of Ezekiel and the spirit of God in him, wow the miracle started to happen. In verse 7 the Bible say there was a noise, a rattling sound and the bones came together, bone to bone – praise God flesh appeared on them and skin covered them. In verse 9 God commanded Ezekiel to prophesy again because there was no breath in the bones. In verse 10 the moment the breath enters them, oh Jesus Jesus they came to life and stood up on their feet – a vast army hallelujah praise be to God. God told Ezekiel this is the people of Israel. The people of Israel said our bones are dried up and our hope is gone we are cut off. God told Ezekiel to prophesy again (verses 12-13). In our ‘lockdown’ situation there are people that have a lot of fear, they are hopeless and they don’t no what to do or where to turn to. Man and woman of God He raises you up today to give hope to the hopeless. We have the answer and Jesus is His name. I want to tell you today with Jesus in your life you can do this, someone needs you. Even if you have faith that is small like a mustard seed God can use you. It is time for us to take up the authority God gave us. Like in Ezekiel’s case we don’t have to do a lot,  God will do the work, we just need to avail ourselves, be obedient when God commands us to do something and He will perform miracles. In verse 13 God promised the people of Israel that He will bring them out of the graves. In verse 14 I will put my spirit in you and you will live, and I will settle you in your own land. Then you will know that I the Lord have spoken and I have done it, declares the Lord. I hope and pray we as His children will do our part that when the corona virus is over that people will know God, that they will know it was God that did great things in their lives and that the world will see that He is the only God and there is no one like Him. Let us go to all the nations and proclaim Jesus, the Name above every other name. Be bold, strong, courageous, keep up the faith, don’t give up, don’t give in, don’t quit and be blessed my brothers and sisters. God is on our side. Amen.