Greetings precious city base family (fellow inmates). In Genesis 16 we find Hagar the maidservant, pregnant from her master Abram, fired by her employer Sarai (his wife), and lost and alone, in grave danger, by a stream in the wilderness! A very serious problem! But v7 tells us the Angel of the Lord saw her situation and delivered her! In v13 she names the Lord ” You-Are-the-God-Who- Sees”. For she said,” Have I also here seen Him Who sees me?”

Whatever your current situation/predicament, there is a stream in the wilderness, a way where there seems to be no way! His name is Jesus. He is the Way! Look for Him in your circumstances, listen for His still small voice, for He sees you, and He will deliver you also! Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty Power! Shalom!